5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel for Windows

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Free game of chess with a twist

5D Chess is a board game created by independent developers, Conor Petersen and Thunkspace LLC. The rules of the game are the same as standard chess. Except the boards now have levels and timelines. With this, you can move the pieces back into an old board and create a new timeline. Pieces on the newly created timeline can also create new mate threats. Note that you must protect your kings from checkmate attacks on all levels. 

What can I do in 5D Chess?

Time-traveling has considered changing the past and rearranging the future but has been stumped by contradictions. 5D avoids these with Multiverse Time Travel. This means the ‘universe’ branch into different timelines instead of going back and forth. In this game, you are allowed to send your pieces from the future to the past and vice-versa. This will affect several moves throughout the timeline boards the game provides. Expect that each session will be unlike the other. 

First, the multilevel boards on multiple timelines are already a lot to keep track of. Second, you can try different tricks or moves on each board or round. Boards are also dynamic in themselves because their size can change from 8x8 to 6.6 squares. Lastly, you can choose to play with another user in an online multiplayer match or play against the game’s engine. Your ability to win will be challenged by your experience and foresight.

For example, playing against the artificially intelligent system may be easy for longtime players as opposed to new ones. There are rules available on the main page, so you can always refer to that if you are unsure of what to do during a match. You will also find the settings section on the same page, so you can customize the game’s features according to your preferences.

Ultra mesmerizing and challenging game

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel is a cut above other chess games as it proves to be challenging to even the most experienced players. You will need to consider multiple boards and a hundred different moves that could take place. While it is not easy to play, the gameplay is highly replayable and rewarding. Beginners should consider playing this as it comes with a rule book on the front page.


  • Allows you to play on multiple boards simultaneously
  • Allows online multiplayer matches
  • Allows you to play on old boards


  • Limited to standard type of chess

Program available in other languages

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.1
  • (11)
  • Security Status

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